Monday, February 16, 2015

Minutes of the CHS 50th reunion planing meeting of Feb 2nd 2015

Minutes of the CHS 50th reunion planing meeting of Feb 2nd 2015
Attendees were team members:  Simone Simoneaux Lawson; Sarah Click Carruth; Jessie Watson; JoAnn Desbrew Arnold; David Hargrave; John Costa; Ritchie Daniels; Terry Berling;  Dale Hill 
Members unable to attend were:  Diana Cottia Fordham; Diane Faggioni Cannon
Peanut Gallery: Ted Lawson; Henry Arnold
Meeting began with discussion surrounding the Saturday night buffet and dance at the Pensacola Yacht Club May 23rd 6-11PM, music by Michelle West.  Dress is smart casual.  Cost is $60 per person.  Sunday May 24th will begin with 11AM morning mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral followed by an evening social at Hemmingways beginning between 3-4 PM. Food and drinks are dutch.  Dress is casual.  
Additional discussion on the following subjects:
Banking and "payable to" on checks
Action: Sarah willl contact the bank and resolve these issues/questions regarding responsible parties and determine what to put on the RSVP/info "payable to".
RSVP Registration form content and internet access
Action: Simone will draft the RSVP Registration form and provide to team members via email for review and concurrence prior to next meeting.  Content of the form should include confirmation sent  to Simone via email,  payment sent to Sarah, both due by Mar 31, 2015.  Simone to establish web access for the form.
Costs breakdown
Action: a request was made by David for a breakdown of costs for:  the Yacht Club (ie: space, dance floor, cost per plate for the buffet (or an estimate), Entertainment, or an estimate of any other items such as postage.  To include current available bank balance on hand.
Finalizing email and home address list
Action:  additional info was provided to Simone and Diana.  JoAnn/Jessie to finalize the last  list and provide to Simone and Diana prior to the next meeting for consolidation.  Sarah will provide post cards for those with no email addresses.
How best to utilize any left over money
Option 1:  Use on Sunday evening toward an open bar at Hemmingways
Option 2:  Make a donation to CHS
Discussion on how to offer financial assistance regarding the $60 per person cost without reflecting in a negative manner on those who may need it 
Open for next meeting.
Place for Saturday night May 23, 2015 is the Pensacola Yacht Club
Buffet dinner, dancing (for those who can still shuffle around) cost per person is $60
time is from 6PM to 11PM  Dress is smart casual
Sunday morning May 24th, mass will be at Sacred Heart Cathedral at 11AM 
Sunday evening social at Hemmingways.  Food and drinks will be dutch 3-4PM
Dress code casual
The next meeting is scheduled for Feb 17th at the library.  5:30 setup and 6:00 PM start.
These notes are presented to the best of my recollection, and the ability to read my own notes.  Please make changes/comments as needed and provide them to Simone with copy to all members so that we will be able to address any issues before the next meeting.  All action items should be completed prior to the next meeting 
Last action item is for all team members to provide any agenda items to Simone to be addressed at the next meeting.


JoAnn (Desbrew) Arnold

We had a little debate about the Sat night attire. Sarah said Cocktail Attire might be what we want to say. ;-), Simone

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