Monday, July 21, 2014

50 year Reunion Planning Meetings Schedule

Dear 50 year Reunion Planning Team,
Our next meeting date has been confirmed, Aug. 25.

Meeting Room Reserved: Aug. 25; Sept. 29; Oct. 27; Nov.24; & Dec. 29, 2014
Times Reserved: 5:30pm to 7:55pm
The meeting room location is:

Friday, July 18, 2014

50 Year Reunion Planning - Kick-Off

This was an "Eating/Meeting" & Celebration Event! Wednesday, July 16 at 4:00pm The Fordham Residence: 5625 Sandstone Drive, Pace, Fl. 32571

Note: Our Facebook address is

Well, the first planning meeting for the 50-year reunion of CHS '65 was a success. We definitely planned to have a reunion, and decided that if anyone wants to come, they can.
As is typical of most any Catholic gathering, there was more food than the law allows, and the liquor flowed freely, though no one was drinking.

Ted Lawson revealed that we still had about $1.5million in the bank account, but David Hargrave corrected him by pointing out that John Costa had skimmed it all for himself.

Jessie Watson decided to have her own planning meeting at the Olive Garden, so we don't know what was decided there. Newlyweds Diane Faggioni and her husband Fred Cannon said they wanted to help, but their travel plans seemed to occur for any date that was mentioned.
All seriousness aside, a tentative date has been chosen--Memorial Day weekend, 2015--and a possible venue at Sanders Beach. These need confirmation. The next meeting will be the 25th of August at the Tyrone Branch Library on Langley Ave, also subject to confirmation.
We are moving forward. GO CRUSADERS!!